My wife and I have been working with a number of different realtors … over the past several weeks. Your company is by far the most professional, most well run, and easiest to work with (you actually return calls, you provide good information, and you keep us informed). We were both very impressed. Keep up the good work.

~ Eric M.

I had a tough place to sell. Needed to get to the East Coast to be back with family. I had a good agent who worked quite hard to sell my place for months, but things were just not working.

I liked my good agent, yet I needed an incredibly great agent as my TIC was particularly complicated. There were personality issues two floors above me. Our 5/1 ARM primary had jumped higher, the second loan was adjusting upward, plus there was a seller financing component to add to the mix. A previously interested buyer would not consider the fact the building had interest-only financing on it.

Everest came in declaring he could sell it. I needed out and had really begun to worry, yet I kept the proverbial stiff upper lip. What I soon learned was that I did not need to as Everest helped inspire me. In fact, Everest immediately found me two buyers. They were all set to go, but my co-owners scared them away, leaving me incredibly frustrated.

It did not matter, as Everest told me he had a plan that would work in this difficult market. I worried my listing had grown old and stale. Everest somehow knew better. He executed his plan to perfection and I was in contract quickly thereafter. Still, I had been there before, and was not about to celebrate anything.

Everest continued to tell me not to worry, and that he had it all under control. I should have listened as I (and my family) did all the worrying while Everest took care of all the minutia and multiple additional details. While I wanted a 30 day close or sooner, Everest said he would see what he could do to shorten the timeframe. Even with the building inspection, the financing okays, the meetings, the back and forth agreements, getting the TIC amendment legally drawn, and signing with all the neighbors, Everest got my complex deal closed within 21 days!

Everest knows how to get a deal done. I needed to be with my family. Everest helped made that happen. Perhaps he can help you. I know I have confidence in the capabilities and skills of Everest Mwamba. Should you require a capable and credible agent, Everest Mwamba is your man.

~ Alex H.