Everest Mwamba

BRE# 01717299

Among his accomplishments, Everest owned and ran a multi-million dollar business in San Francisco for over seven years. His diverse background includes extensive international travel and knowledge of different cultures. He speaks fluent French as well as several African dialects. Everest is a seasoned athlete. The discipline required to keep his mind and body healthy is evident in his focus on his clients. When Everest works with buyers, he simplifies the process. When sellers entrust their properties for sale with him, he ensures a thorough plan to achieve his clients’ goals. He takes the needs and wishes of prospective tenants into careful consideration to tailor for them the best possible rental opportunities.


Maureen Kenney

BRE# 00998603

Maureen Kenney is a third generation real estate broker. Working in real estate for over 35 years, her experience encompasses the very broad range of considerations involved in the business. Growing up, family discussions almost always centered around real estate. As a result, she began learning the language of and understanding real estate even as a child. To this day, the kitchen table is still the place for endless discussion about the details of and changes to the market; and, most importantly, how to make it work for her clients. She has purchased and renovated dozens of properties, managed rental establishments, and helped hundreds of people realize their dream of financial stability through owning and investing in real estate. She has extensive knowledge of the San Francisco/Bay Area market and developing neighborhoods.

Maureen’s mission is to continue her family’s legacy of helping people find financial freedom through investment in real estate.